septiembre 25, 2015

Now I am in Pinterest

I have an account in Pinterest where I will upload my works. You can follow me there
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septiembre 02, 2015

Breakdown of Mediterraneo movie

This is the breakdown of my full CG movie "Mediterraneo". It shows some wireframes, and breakdown of some scenes to give a more accurate idea of the work behind it. You can also check the original movie if you did not watch it. Hope you like.

marzo 26, 2015

"Vilsen" - Official trailer.

Here I bring the official trailer for "Vilsen". I belong to the VFX of this thriller film as concept artist and matte painter. Hope you like! please, share if you like!

enero 12, 2015

Nuevo trabajo: Mediterráneo : Video CG

Por fin, tras mucho trabajo he terminado mi video CG "Mediterráneo". Se trata de un video completamente CG sobre una vivienda al borde del mar mediterráneo. He tratado de transmitir un agradable ambiente y acogedor, mostrando en transcurso de un dia completo. Espero que os guste.
Por favor, si te gusta, sé libre de compartirlo. Gracias